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Top landscaping trends use pavers

Google top landscaping trends and you might start getting excited about what your home outdoors can become. Among some of the recurring trends mentioned, brick and clay pavers can play a role in making them come together.

The National Association of Landscape Professionals’ list for 2020 includes “ornate geometric hardscaping.” They describe this:

“Popular interior decor patterns like waves, lattice, chevron and basket weave are making their way into hardscaping. Incorporate these designs into your walkway, patio, retaining walls and/or fire features.”

Clay paver geometric forms
With the right brick cutter, you can achieve just about any geometric pattern with clay pavers. Here, the homeowners chose landscape timbers as edging. Chances are the pavers will far outlast the wood, but if you don’t mind replacing it now and then it’s an attractive look.

Pavers are geometry defined. Pairing our traditional 4×8 pavers with our new 4×12 pavers gets you an eye-catching chevron pattern. And basketweave is one of the most popular and traditional paver patterns. So take your pick.

It’s not all about angles, either. You can achieve serpentine pathways and circles, too.

Family paver project
Fire pits are always popular features. And pavers can achieve circles and ellipses as well as straight lines.

In the same list, “do it your way” emerges as a homeowner trend this spring. Again, pavers can deliver on this. You get lots of creative latitude with the segmental quality of clay pavers. If geometric discipline isn’t your thing, follow your imagination down winding garden paths that start and finish wherever your spirit takes you.

We see lots of “do it your way” folks at our annual Paver Days events, where Pine Hall Brick products are offered at DIY discounts. Homeowners drive long distances to stock up and some of them have paver projects that never end. They just keep adding on, like Gordon Drews and Darlene Hartwig.

Endless garden path
Make your garden a place to get lost. Pavers “keep” so when you get tired of installing them, take a few months off. This garden keeps on going.
Meandering paver garden pathway
Pavers make an expansive garden a pleasure to tend. Gordon Drews’ paths seem to go on forever.

Drews’ garden paths never stop winding. Hartwigs’ hillside cabin mixes styles, colors and patterns in a whimsically livable way that supports container gardening and family dinners under the stars.

Winding paver pathway
The Hartwig home is surrounded by pavers purchased and installed over decades! The rustic home calls for some rustic edging with local stones.

A supply of clay pavers can be kept on hand for years until the mood to pave strikes you. And the brick will still look new. has two trends on its lawn and landscape list that are perfect for pavers: “Bring the outdoors in” and “Outdoor kitchen bar.” Also, number 29 in House Beautiful’s “50 Chic Patio Ideas to Try in Your Backyard” list is “Outdoor Bar.” Theirs comes with clay pavers!

Indoor-outdoor kitchen with brick pavers
This repurposed carriage house is wide open in the warm months and is the perfect addition to an expansive paver patio. The floor is thin brick laid over a concrete slab.
brick bar on patio
Pavers in the converted carriage house meet a contrasting facebrick outdoor bar. It’s a great place for watch the world go by or maybe some sports on the big screen.

With full size 4×8 pavers you’ve got your patio covered, but what if you want to bring the patio indoors? Easy. Thin pavers and paver tiles can both achieve this. Thin pavers install easily over concrete slabs, like you might have in a garage you want to remodel. Paver tiles, at 3/8”, can install over slabs or standard wood underlayment.

You’ll need some facebrick for an outdoor kitchen bar and it’s easy to match colors with pavers.

One of our customers made a bar out of reclaimed brick built on top of a brand-new paver patio. For his Victorian homestead it’s a great way to get eclectic.

Reclaimed brick and new pavers
Some very old reclaimed brick created this rustic bar at a Victorian homestead. It looks great with newly installed Full Range pavers.

Over at the 2020 trends are all about pathways—”Pathway to the pool” and “Eco-friendly pathways” among them. Because of the way clay pavers are installed—set over sand and gravel with ¼” gaps—a paver path is naturally water permeable. And what’s more at home in the ground than clay?

paver edging
Give your gardening definition with paver edging.

Whether you’re a trend watcher or you prefer to lead the way in your neighborhood, pathways, patios and brick features can provide the structure for an amazing extension of your home in the warmer sear

Forever home in Concord MA
This 1930s classic home in Concord, MA mixes stone and concrete with clay pavers as the star attraction. Well, along with the outdoor kitchen and fire pit.
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