no-cut paver design

How to build a patio or walkway with no-cut paver patterns

A small paver patio or walkway is do-it-yourself job. You can make the work faster and still achieve great results using one of five no-cut patterns. These are patterns that don’t require you to cut pavers on the edges. We went out to the brick yard to put together a tutorial on three of these.

five no-cut paver patterns

Red squares indicate no-cut patterns.

The two basketweave patterns offer a lot of depth and dimension and are easy to assemble with no cutting needed. The first one, below, uses two pavers vertically arranged against two pavers horizontally arranged, creating a thick weave effect, as if two “reeds” are woven side by side. With either basketweave using our Pathway Full Range as shown here, you can be artistic with how you place the darker and lighter pavers within the pattern. So you get even more facets to the pattern.

a thicker basketweave with 2 pavers by 2 pavers

A second basketweave option shown below, uses a pattern of three pavers, one horizontal with two vertical. It’s a little more complex. Pavers used in this example are Brookstown Red.

a thicker basketweave with 2 pavers by 2 pavers

Probably the simplest pattern you can make is a stack bond, demonstrated below in Brookstown Full Range 4×8 (these pavers are 1-3/8″ thick and are ideal for paving over concrete pads).

no-cut pattern called stack bond

Pine Hall Brick Pavers are very precisely manufactured, so you always get 4″ by 8″ by 2″. This assures a consistent patterns and straight lines. Note: in the examples shown here, we have not allowed for sand joints. In your actual project, you will need to allow space between the pavers.

basketweave pattern in two formats

Pine Hall Brick clay pavers shown here demonstrate the two basketweave patterns. Note how two paver widths equal one paver length.


essential pattern for basketweave pavers

Pine Hall Brick beveled edge pavers include spacer bars on the edges to make it easy to get the exact amount of space for each joint, while assuring straight lines.


Keeping it simple with these no-cut patterns makes the job a little easier, but you don’t have sacrifice aesthetics.

color gives a basketweave pattern even more depth

no cuts needed for this stack bond pattern of pavers

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