Why brick is such a green building material

You’ve heard us say before that brick is a great, green building material, but we haven’t gone into serious depth about why. While it’s true that brick homes can be more energy efficient, the real environmental benefit of brick can be found in the manufacturing process. Here’s a list of why brick is such a green building material, adapted from The Brick Industry Association.

It’s made from sustainable ingredients.
Brick is made up of all-natural clay and shale. These ingredients are among the most abundant materials on earth.

It can be recycled.
Old brick can be crushed for sub-base materials or chipped for permanent landscaping mulch. It can be salvaged and reused. Interestingly, brick is one of the few materials that building codes allow to be reused, as long as the brick meets the ASTM standards for clay brick.

It is not wasteful.
Almost all of the clay mined for brick is used during the manufacturing process. In fact, 80% of brick manufacturers even reuse the waste product leftover from the manufacturing process. Anything not used is safe for the environment, since it is only earth.

It lasts.
Brick has a 100 year life, meaning buildings made with brick are sure to last more than a lifetime. Less building means less energy used.

Are you thinking about what which material is right for your home? Insist on brick!

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