Who needs a drive-in? Host your own outdoor movie night.

Nothing screams summer quite like a raucous adventure movie or fun animated tale watched on the big screen. In fact, it’s hard to think of summer without thinking of the movie theater. We thought it would be fun to bring that excitement to the backyard. Here’s how you can host your very own backyard movie night.

Get comfy seating.
Part picnic, part theater, the backyard movie needs to be a comfy setting. No need to be fancy. Grab pillows, blankets, sleeping bags, etc. and set them around the yard. Make sure to arrange your seating so that everyone has a clear view of the screen.

Set up a screen.
No high tech equipment needed here. All that is required for a backyard movie night is one white sheet. Determining where to hang it may be harder. If you have a retaining wall, simply pull a rope or bungee cord across your wall and secure your sheet with close pins or clips.  To make sure the wind doesn’t blow your screen around during the viewing, attach some heavy clips to the bottom of the sheet, as well. You can also use your home as the support to your screen. Or, rig up your own system like this PVC pipe contraption we found.

How to show your movie.
A standard presentation projector works great. Rather than buying an expensive outdoor theater set up, simply borrow a friend’s office equipment. There are also some nifty options for those tech heads out there that attach to tablet computers, laptops and even smart phones!

Setting up the sound.
Sound may be your biggest challenge. If you don’t have any neighbors, hook up a speaker with enough oomph to project the sound over the ambient outdoor noise. If neighbors are an issue, then you’ll need a different approach. According to Popular Science, a lower power FM transmitter is just what you need.

Once you’re all set up, kick off those shoes, grab a seat and a snack and enjoy the show!

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