Tufts House brick

Tufts House brick perfect for English Revival cottage style

There’s an English Revival cottage in Summerfield, North Carolina’s Mitchell’s Landing neighborhood.

Brian Elliott, owner of B. Elliott Enterprises, got inspired by English Revival and French Provincial cottage styles and merged them both using Tufts House brick and white mortar, from our Old Brick House line.

A 4,400-square-foot “cottage” to be exact. But despite the spacious footprint, Elliott gave the home an inviting and cozy feel with masonry that has storybook appeal.

Like many of our brick styles, Tufts House gives you a different mood depending on the time of day.

Tufts House brick looks like gingerbread

English Revival or “gingerbread house”? Either way, it’s a classic home.

“The design is something I came up with,” says Elliott. “I was going for something English Tudor or French country.”

English Revival entranceway

Excellent masonry work by Rodriguez Masonry makes the B. Elliott Enterprises home cozy, inviting and secure.

French provincial elements make this B. Elliott home a standout.

Tufts House from the Old House Brick line

A brand new home in a brand new neighborhood is a classic already with Tufts House brick.

Tufts House really helped put it over. It’s a true tumbled brick, engineered to look weathered with lots of  off-white tones that deliver a soft light hue. Whether you’re going for cottage or castle, it’s a beautiful choice.

Elliott worked with Rodriguez Masonry, who he credits for the classic craftsmanship on the arched entranceway.

Tufts House brick

Tufts House brick is inviting in evening light.

Darker trim—shutters, a wooden awning, door—and even the down spouting gives the home touch of old world aesthetics.

As homeowners seek out lighter colors in brick, the Old Brick House line fills the need and adds in all the character of aged brick.

Dark lighting fixtures paired with Tufts House brick

Tufts House

Brick arches using Tufts House brick and white mortar.

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