Tips to help you choose the right mortar color for your new home

If you’re in the process of planning to build a new brick home, chances are you’ve spent hours poring over dozens of brick options, trying to find the right color for your house. What you might not be thinking of is what color mortar you should use. Mortar is one of those design elements that often gets glossed over, but it actually makes a huge difference in the appearance of your home. The mortar you choose can actually affect the color of your brick in pretty significant ways.

So how do you go about choosing the right mortar for your home? Start by deciding what effect you’d like the mortar to have. Do you want to really highlight the individual bricks on your home’s facade? You might want to go for a contrasting look with a light, white colored makes individual bricks really pop. On the other hand, if you want the facade to have a more uniform appearance, choose a mortar color that more closely matches the actual color of your brick.

Here are some examples that demonstrate what an effect mortar can have on the overall look of a home. Rustic Village is a brick from the red family. In the first example, the builder used a contrasting mortar for a more traditional look. The individual bricks stand out from each other.

On the other hand, this builder decided to use a colored mortar for an entirely different effect. Using a red mortar, this builder created a much more uniform facade and rather than stand out from each other, these bricks blend together beautifully.

One of our most popular bricks is our Chesapeake Pearl. This brick is a light colored option with grays, creams and some bluish tones. Just like the Rustic Village, the appearance of Chesapeake Pearl varies greatly depending on the type of mortar you use, but because it is a light brick, the effect is a bit different.

This home features a buff mortar. This natural-looking mortar is a creamier color option that really highlights the creamy tones in the brick.

On the other hand, this home uses white mortar, which gives the brick a much cooler appearance that really brings out the bluish gray tones.

Gray mortar can look dated when paired with some bricks, but because of all the gray tones in Chesapeake Pearl, it works in this home example. The mortar really pulls out those gray tones in the brick, giving the home facade a totally different appearance.

Are you building a new home? Tell us what brick and mortar combination your thinking about trying.

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