Three reasons you should install a brick patio

Summer is winding down and if you’ve been considering a backyard project this year, time is running out! A paver patio is a wonderful option for many reasons and just in case you need a little convincing, here are our top three reasons for installing a clay paver patio.

Easy maintenance
No staining, stripping, sanding or painting. When properly installed, clay paver patios need almost no maintenance. Occasionally brush a little joint sand into spaces and you’re set!  Unlike concrete, which can crack and crumble, the loose joints of a clay paver patio are forgiving in all sorts of weather!

Lots of options
Clay pavers come in a wide range of color options. From light grays and cream beiges to deep browns and rich reds, you’ve got a cornucopia of hues, tones and saturations which makes it easy to find the right paver for your landscape and home.

Clay pavers are long lasting, more than 100 years in some projects! They’re also made from all natural materials making them a great sustainable choice for any eco-conscious homeowners. If permeable is on your mind, our StormPave and RainPave permeable pavers are the right option for you! They allow storm water to drain into the ground, preventing runoff and water pollution.

Why do you love your clay paver patio?

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