Three great reasons to install a clay paver driveway

Thinking about upgrading your driveway? Then think about installing a clay paver driveway. In addition to be an attractive addition to any landscaping plan, paver driveways have a whole plethora of benefits for homeowners.
Durability and longevity
Clay pavers are a good solution for load bearing applications, like driveways, and are also very durable. Pavers can last 100 years or longer and some clay paver streets in the U.S. are still in use after 200 years. Also, because pavers are laid individually, unlike concrete or asphalt, you don’t have to worry about cracking as the ground underneath settles. Instead, a paver driveway will adjust to the movement of the soil.
Low maintenance
Pavers are color fast, meaning they will never fade. They don’t need to be scraped and repainted and you won’t need to seal them. If you find a damaged brick, instead of ripping up an entire section or redoing the entire driveway, you simply replace the damaged brick.
While clay pavers may cost more than concrete or asphalt up front, durability and ease of maintenance make them a better investment in the long run.
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