ThinClad – Thin Brick

ThinClad are 1/2″ thin brick that install like tile and allow homeowners, designers, and architects to bring the beauty, durability and timelessness of brick to areas with weight or depth restrictions.

Backsplashes and feature walls are just a couple examples of interior spaces where thin brick is often used but entire rooms have been transformed with our ThinClad products.  Thin brick are not limited to interior spaces; homeowners and contractors are finding creative ways to save time and money by using ThinClad on chimneys, gable walls and existing foundations.  ThinClad is a great option when homeowners want the look and feel of brick but the existing framing or foundation isn’t designed for a full masonry system.

Because we make ThinClad in the same colors and textures as our full sized face brick, it’s common for both of them to be incorporated seamlessly on homes and buildings.  Most of our product is made to 1/2″ before firing but we also saw-cut fired brick, giving us flexibility when fulfilling smaller orders of our unique styles.  To view available ThinClad options go to the Facebrick Gallery.

For installations, instructions see below.

Thin Clad

Kennon House Thin Brick installation
Kennon House
Kennon House Thin Brick Installation

Kennon House Chimney

Chesapeake Pearl Thin Brick

Why Thin Clad?

A Style for any Space

Thin Clads are made from our existing facebrick line, which gives you dozens of colors and texture to choose from.

Easy to Install

Because thin brick is much lighter than a traditional brick it can be used on walls without adding additional support.

Thick and Thin

All of our Thin Clad are also made in a full sized version, giving you the flexibility to transition seamlessly throughout a project.

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