Transform Your Interior with 1/2″ Thin Brick

Thin clad  brick can transform a room in a way that few other design tricks can. Whether it’s dramatic painting or intricate wallpaper, applying effects to the walls helps create a unique and impressive space.

Pine Hall Brick’s ½” thick ThinClad veneer brick are a great choice for kitchen backsplashes, accent walls, wine cellars or any area of the home where you want to bring the authentic look and feel of brick inside.

Because Pine Hall Brick offers ThinClad in all of its traditional facebrick options, the homeowner has a bevy of colors and textures to make any vision a reality. From traditional earth tones that invoke urban old school charm to lighter colors that pair perfectly with modern chic paint colors, ThinClad fits into every design.

Pine Hall Brick’s Old Irvington ThinClad ½” Veneer Brick

Pine Hall Brick’s Old Irvington ThinClad ½” Veneer Brick

A benefit of Pine Hall Brick’s ThinClad’s are that they are ½” thick brick tile and can thus be installed in the same fashion as you would install tile in a kitchen or bathroom. A complete installation guide is published by the Tile Council of North America in the TCNA Handbook for Ceramic, Glass, and Stone Tile Installation. There are also many Do-It-Yourself articles and videos online on the subject including this blog by Vintage Revivals.

Sandhills 1/2" Thin Clad brick on wall

Pine Hall Brick’s Sandhills ½” Veneer Brick

Have questions about Pine Hall Brick’s ThinBrick? Give us a call at 336-721-7500 CLICK TO CALL or reach out to us using the Chat feature on our website.

Botany Bay Thin Clad on Bathroom wall.

Pine Hall Brick’s Botany Bay ThinClad ½” Veneer

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