Resolution: Enjoy it all Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall

For the new year, resolve to enjoy your home outdoors every season. Here’s some inspiration to help.

Stroll into spring with a paver pathway.

Driveways, walks and garden paths extend the value, beauty and comfort of your home. A winding path through a garden invites exploration as flowers blossom and new growth appears. Clay pavers have natural look that is an ideal complement to DIY landscaping and gardening.

Make your home outdoors more relaxing with fountains, pools or water walls. You’ll love the relaxing sound of water and so will your neighborhood birds. Installing a water feature can be done professionally, but there are plenty of supplies at major home centers to do it yourself. (Hint: The digging part is a great job for a college student home on break.)


Fall back in your lounger with a patio fireplace.

Outdoor fireplaces or fire pits are entertaining and relaxing and allow you to enjoy your patio investment longer. They’re a great way to extend your outdoor season. Some fire building enthusiast may never come back inside. Pine Hall Brick offers special fireplace brick and we can advise you on proper construction.


Winter. Light up your home outdoors for all to enjoy.

When your home outdoors is this beautiful, you should light up the long night to show off your paver paths and patio. And landscape lighting adds to safety when you’re walking in from the driveway on a short winter day.












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