Planning a home? Take a look at white brick!


“Take a real close look,
you begin to see why
there is much more to white
—much more—
than can ever meet the eye.”

—Ken Nordine, jazz poet


Chesapeake Pearl is one of Pine Hall Brick white bricks, shown here with gray stone, gray roof and brown accents.

White has long been a popular choice for interiors and exteriors, but when people think of brick color options, it’s not always the first color they think of.

Think again.

White brick is a little different than just plain old “white” because with brick varieties and mortar choices, there’s a lot of subtle and not-so-subtle color variation to build a beautiful home that captures your personality. White brick gives lots of latitude for design choices in trim, accessories, patios, walkways and landscaping.

Detail of Chesapeake Pearl home, showing brown accents.

Oyster Pearl with brown accents takes white in another direction.


Here are close ups of Oyster Pearl (left) and Chesapeake Pearl illustrating how different white brick can be.


White brick is anything but sterile. The manufacturing and firing process give brick plenty of character and richness. Paired with a carefully chosen mortar color (remember, mortar makes up about 20% of a brick wall’s surface area), you can home in on the perfect tone from a very broad palette. You can even specify the mortar application—flat or recessed—to make a difference in the aesthetic effect of white brick.


And for even more color variations, consider the texture of brick. Here’s Oyster Pearl Tumbled to give it an aged, legacy look.


Chesapeake Pearl and Oyster Pearl, two of our most popular white brick lines, give you a stately appearance, each with its own unique texture and tone. Both lines also pair well with Pine Hall Brick clay pavers for landscaping features. Pine Hall Brick Rumbled® Cocoa goes especially well with Chesapeake Pearl and Oyster Pearl.


For a beautiful contrast to white brick, consider a patio or walkway in Rumbled Cocoa clay pavers.


There are a total six white brick options from Pine Hall Brick, that you can see here on our website. You can also pick up sample cards at a Pine Hall Brick showroom for designing your brick home.



If you’re planning a home and you want to really express yourself with color, don’t overlook white brick as the starting point for a beautiful composition.


Since mortar is so important to the overall color of your home, you’ll want to take some time to choose exactly what you want from a sample tray like this.


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