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PaverTiles are 1/2” clay brick tiles that install like traditional ceramic tile allowing the homeowner to bring the timeless appeal of authentic clay brick to spaces with height or weight restrictions.

Kitchens, mudrooms, sunrooms and wine cellars are just a few examples of interior spaces that can be transformed with PaverTiles. Their use is not solely limited to indoor applications as PaverTiles are also ideal for rehabilitating outdoor spaces. Door thresholds and steps often prevent the use of full thickness paver; however, our thin clay brick tiles can avoid these height restrictions and enable a homeowner to convert a tired old concrete slab into a beautiful clay brick paver porch or patio.

PaverTiles are available in all of Pine Hall Brick’s popular clay paver colors and textures giving the homeowner the ability to create the desired look for their project. It also enables exterior projects to seamlessly transition from our clay brick tiles to our full thickness pavers. To view PaverTile options, go to the Paver Gallery.

For installation instructions see below.

Beale St. Pavertiles
Rumbled Java Pavertile - Kitchen Floor
Rumbled Bluff PaverTile sunroom

Rumbled Bluffs

Rumbled Autumn Pavertile - Alabaster Mortar
Cocoa 1/2" Pavertiles
Rumbled Full Range Paver Tiles

Why PaverTiles?

A Style for any Space

PaverTiles are cut from our existing clay pavers, which gives you dozens of colors and texture options.

Check out all the choices in the Paver Gallery.

Installation Flexibility

PaverTiles are available in 1/2" standard thickness.

Modular (3-5/8" by 7-5/8") size for laying with a standard 3/8" grout joint and 4" x 8" can be laid tight or with a grout joint.

Indoor / Outdoor

PaverTiles can be used indoors installed over cement board or outside installed over existing concrete.

See instructions below.