Garden planning for brick pathways

Pavers for your garden planning

Garden planning?

Nothing says late winter in America like a big pile of seed catalogs in the mail. The timing is accurate because March in most places is not too soon to start planning how you’re going to beautify and enjoy your home outdoors. And while you’re digging everything up…

Maybe this is the year to finally put in a brick patio and some garden paths. Like flower and vegetable seeds, hardscaping takes some advance preparation, with a goal of enjoying the results of your work when spring comes. Spring has a way of covering up the mud you make when you do a lot of digging. A fresh patio and walkway will look well established by summer.

garden path

Clay brick pavers let you take on as much as you want, at your own pace. Take one weekend and start small, if you prefer.

Like a garden, the hardest part is the initial digging—with clay pavers you need to go down eight inches to allow for gravel and sand underlayment. But once you get this done, laying the pavers can be pretty relaxing.

old style and traditional edge pavers merge

You can find our technical instructions here, or watch this quick video, but for now, let’s get some inspiration.

Gardens gain definition and access to paver paths. You can be orderly and formal with straight lines, or more organic and free-form with winding paths.

rumbled pavers for the garden

garden paver colors

You might not think of brick as bringing color to a garden, but consider the range of colors it comes in. From light tans to deep chocolate brown and lots of variations on red in between, clay pavers are an earthy complement to your flora, greenery, and vegetables. After all, they’re made from the soil.

There is also a wide range of styles. Crisp straight edge pavers. Beveled edge pavers. And Rumbled pavers with weathered edges that look a hundred years old.

Pavers for creative applications

pavers in garden

Get creative with brick and create features like retaining walls for raised beds or pedestals for potted plants. Demark your plantings with a row of pavers. You can stack pavers just like face bricks. Put a stepping stone in the middle of the flower bed to keep your shoes tidy when you water.

Check out all the paver color options here. Also, if you’re near North Carolina or Georgia, mark your calendar for one of our three Paver Days events, where you can buy discounted pavers and get a live demonstration on how to install a hardscape (patio, walkway, driveway).

old style pavers in the garden




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