Oyster Pearl Oversized Tumbled - White Sand-White Mortar private residence

Oyster Pearl masterpiece offers beauty, space and energy efficiency

[Photo above: Chris Clement Home Builders' latest Oyster Pearl project in The Farm at Summerfield is a bespoke beauty that's actually a variation on an earlier Clement home just across the street.]

Chris Clement Home Builder's most recently completed project in The Farm at Summerfield looks like a million bucks.

And it is. The home was featured in the spring Parade of Homes, listed at just over $1 million, even though it was built specifically for its new owner who had admired a Clement-built home across the street.


Oyster Pearl entrance

It's all Oyster Pearl. Builder Chris Clement simply had mason Hugo Yanez, owner of Fred's Masonry, flip the brick to show the back on the archways!


oyster pearl and timber

Situated in "The Farm at Summerfield," the latest Chris Clement Home Builders project has the look of a country lodge.


Chris Clement focuses on upscale, spacious homes. The Farm at Summerfield is an ideal location because it offers expansive lots with a sprinkling of mature hardwoods. This home, on 1.6 acres, is already a classic. With it's ornate brick treatment by Fred's Masonry and prominent timber posts, the home has the appeal of a mountain lodge. Clement achieved a unique look that stands out in the growing neighborhood.

"Most of the homes in The Farm use brick and stone, but I wanted to try something different," says Clement. "By flipping the brick in key places and using a running bond (one brick protrudes from the wall in specific intervals) we got the feel of stone with Oyster Pearl brick."

"My client had visited our home across the street and liked it so much he asked me to build one for him that was similar," says Clement. "We made some design changes to give its own unique look and the client loved it!"

The Oyster Pearl body really stands out with the use of white mortar made with pre-washed white sand. Mortar color is an important decision when designing your home.

oyster pearl outbuilding

oyster pearl outbuilding

Nestled in mature oaks, the outbuilding, matching the main home, will be a wood shop for the new owners.


Small wonder. The new owner, a medical professional, is also a woodworker. So the style appeals to his sensibilities, but also there's a spacious two-story Oyster Pearl outbuilding that will soon house a woodshop, about 100 yards behind the home.

Oyster Pearl home with pool

Step from the enclosable back porch to a beautiful swimming pool patio.


Make no mistake. It's a grand home, but it's also energy efficient. Brick plays a big role in insulating spacious homes.
The Brick Industry of America says:

Brick is a natural insulator. It’s slow to lose or absorb heat — which means your heater and air conditioner don’t have to work as hard to keep the inside of your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer. In fact, according to the National Home Energy Rating System (HERS) — an industry measure used to qualify homes for ENERGY STAR® ratings — brick homes are among the most energy efficient. Typical savings on your energy bill with brick are 2 to 8%. And you can take that to the bank.


oyster pearl fireplaces

Two Oyster Pearl fireplaces seem to mirror each other. The vaulted ceiling of the great room lets in lots of sun with sliding doors to a well-appointed back porch experience.


With larger floor plans like this, energy efficiency really pays off. Clement uses Energy Star practices in all of his homes.

exterior brick fireplace

The enclosed back porch is ready to become a well-appointed year-round entertainment space. The exterior fireplace is outfitted to mount a television.

This majestic lodge will be a landmark in the new Summerfield community for generations, thanks to quality construction and durable materials. For more information on Clement Home Builders, visit their website or give him a call at 336-558-3515.

oyster pearl paired with stone

Beautiful color combinations as Oyster Pearl steps meet stone landing.


Trim meets Oyster Pearl

Trim meets Oyster Pearl!


oyster pearl meets rich wood ceiling

Wow. Features like this portico ceiling really add to the lodge appeal of the Clement home.


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