Landscaping 2020 – Keep growing, keep innovating

Photo courtesy Glenn Switzer. See Glenn’s project video below.

Landscaping 2020? How did 2019 go for you? The passing of a year is a good time for all businesses in our particular area of the building materials industry, from landscapers to paver installers to brick masons alike, to pause for a moment, and consider how things turned out, and how things could have gone better.

Last year at this time we set out some New Year’s resolutions for landscaping businesses. All of the suggestions made still apply: from accurately estimating jobs, to finding unconventional ways to hire good help, using time-tested methods from our friend Fred Adams of Fred Adams Paving to effectively price and work a paving project.

Last year’s resolutions for your business article can be found here if you want to take another look. It centered more on business trends within landscaping and paving, trends that are useful to guide decision-making within our industry, into the New Year. While still valid, there are other ideas from other kinds of businesses that can be a benefit to all small businesses.

Kimberly de Silva, a writer for Entrepreneur magazine, offers Nine Year’s Resolutions for Small Business.

De Silva says that the point of making resolutions is to do something differently to bring about positive change. With people, it may be to get more exercise. With business, the idea is to put plans into place to find ways to grow.

Her ideas for resolutions that business owners should consider are suitable for landscaping and paving firms:

1. I will learn how to delegate and do more of it.
2. I will learn how to manage my cash flow more effectively.
3. I will take steps to improve my digital presence.
4. I will charge what I’m worth.
5. I will learn something new.
6. I will make business strategizing a weekly event.
7. I will drop what’s not working and move on.
8. I will promote my business regularly and consistently.
9. I will enhance my technology footprint.

We’d like to add a tenth to round it out:

10. I will look for innovative ways to use genuine clay pavers. Why? Homeowners are already thinking about making their outdoor space special. Check out Pinterest’s outdoor landscaping inspirations for 2019 to see what’s on homeowners’ minds.

Also, check out Glenn Switzer’s innovative crusher run approach to beautiful landings on a terraced stairway. What can you do new and different with pavers in 2020?

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