Buy Pavers From A Relazing Showroom

How to buy pavers in a showroom

Ready to buy pavers? We’re in the middle of Paver Days, three special sales events at three of our brickyards. But what if you can’t make it our locations? Or what if you want more pavers than you got from one of our Paver Days events?

Don’t worry. Homeowners can buy pavers year-round at any of our showrooms and also at our the dealer and distributor showrooms around the country.

Buy Pavers Color Range

You might be surprised by the range of colors in clay pavers.

Showroom Personnel To Help You Buying Pavers

Steve Brothers helps homeowners find both facebrick and the pavers they need in the Greensboro, NC, Pine Hall Brick showroom.

It’s a pleasant experience buying from a showroom. First of all, it’s more comfortable, because you step inside and don’t have to walk around a brickyard. You also can expect a lot of individual attention to help find the pavers you want and offer advice on how to install them.

Of course, the first step is to plan your patio (or walkway, or driveway). If you’re building a rectangular paver space, it’s petty easy to calculate square feet. If you’re going for something curved, even round, you can take a garden hose and outline the shape you desire. The math is a little trickier, but you can generally estimate square with a measuring tape. Once you know the square footage, use our handy cube-to-square-foot calculator, here. This will tell you how many cubes (pallet load) of pavers you’ll need.

Robert Basarab

Robert Basarab of Belair Road Supply outside Baltimore attributes a lot sales to the City of Baltimore itself.

“People come into the showroom and say they want the bricks used to pave Inner Harbor district in the city,” says Basarab.

Belair Road Supply provided the pavers for that job: Pine Hall Brick’s Pathway Full Range.

“And all of Baltimore is a very ‘brick’ city, with projects including Johns Hopkins University,” says Basarab.

Basarab advises customers they’ll need about 10 tons of material for 400-square-foot project, but he can have it all delivered.

“We sell sand, gravel, edging, spikes…everything you need,” says Basarab.  “We have sample boards with three slivered down full sized bricks to a board because there are quite a few color ranges in Pine Hall Brick”

Now you’re ready to go to you nearest Pine Hall Brick dealer. Note, you won’t find our clay pavers in big box stores. They’re only available from our dealers and distributors. You’ll be glad you bought genuine clay pavers and when you visit a showroom, you’ll see why.

Buying Pavers Scalloped

Old Style paver edge has a scalloped effect.

Buy Pavers From Sample Cards

One of the most popular colors. But don’t be afraid to ask for variety!

Buy Pavers From Helpful Showrooms

You can expect to get DIY pointers.

When you’re planning a project as important as a patio or walkway for your home, you want to spend some time finding exactly what you want. Something that complements your home and suits your style and personal design preferences. Pavers come in different sizes, styles, and colors. You’ll be glad to have a salesperson help you go through the options.

Showroom personnel can show you how to install your project and answer your questions. Also, most showrooms offer tools and additional materials like edging strips.

If you need to go home and think about it, request a sample card of the pavers you’re considering. Then go home an ponder.

When you’re ready to buy your supply, place your order at the showroom and set a delivery date. Delivery prices vary and are, of course, based on the size of the delivery.

You don’t want to miss our Paver Days events, but don’t despair if you can’t make it. Pine Hall Brick showrooms have you covered.

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