Great Wall of Granddad—Ricky and James make Mom’s garden beautiful

Brick and clay pavers don’t always have to be for big jobs. There are lots of nifty ways to use both for small, weekend-size projects.

Pine Hall Brick’s Ricky Leonard and his grandson James teamed up to build a small retaining wall around a cool little front yard garden in the historic Fisher Park neighborhood of Greensboro, NC. The home of his son and daughter-in-law is a classic Craftsman bungalow on a cozy street of similar homes of the era.

It’s a frame house with a brick foundation. So the retaining wall makes a nice complement. Ricky used a dry stack method—no mortar needed—laying the wall into the garden soil at a slight angle for strength.



Completed, the little wall with its brick entry steps invites you in. The whole effect helps connect the raised bed garden to the home for easy access to the kitchen counter—a modern urbanist vibe.

Jobs like these are fun because they’re so easy, but yield a lot of long-term value and enjoyment. And it’s a great way to connect with an adoring grandson.

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