Rumbled Cocoa w/Old Irvington Wall

Garden landscaping inspirations at Ciener Botanical Gardens

The Paul J. Ciener Botanical Gardens in Kernersville, North Carolina is beautiful year-round. We last visited in the late winter and found the garden center alive with cold weather crops and hearty ornamental plants. The garden landscaping with brick pavers designed by Chip Callaway makes Ciener Botanical Garden a pleasant place to wander even in inclement weather.

Now it's August and the grounds are lush and fragrant.

Don't let the exquisite professional garden landscaping intimidate you. The Rumbled Cocoa pavers that form all the curved and straight walks and paisley-shaped beds are attainable by homeowners. With a little patience and elbow grease anyone can have a beautifully paved and accented garden. You can do it a little at a time. Add a path or a patio each season. Paver installations are easy to expand or even change the shape of over time.

Pine Hall Brick has instructions for getting professional results on your own. Get instructions here. You can even calculate the number of pavers you'll need for your project, here.

So take a trip to a beautifully landscaped example with pavers and get some ideas. Make some notes. Snap some photos. Then bring it all home and turn your yard into a miniature of the Gardens of Versailles. Or maybe you'd prefer a more wild, natural garden. Any way you like it, having a hardscape path lets you enjoy your home outdoors year wound without getting your feet soaked after a shower.

Botanical Garden using Rumbled Cocoa solder course

Botanical Garden with Rumbled Cocoa solder courses throughout

Rumbled Cocoa surrounds the botanical garden

The Ciener Pattern Garden is amazing. It looks fancy, with its curved and pointed beds, but the outline is easy with upended pavers that can create just about any shape you desire. It takes a little practice, but cutting pavers to create corners and fancy angles is pretty easy. Here's a guide for cutting.

Rumbled Cocoa Walkway



A beautiful garden like this doesn't have to be solely ornamental. It can be practical, too. The Ciener Botanical Garden features vegetable and herb gardens for all seasons. Rustic raised beds look great with paver paths. Upended pavers create neat borders to contain topsoil and keep the garden tidy. It's a place to harvest the day's supper or stroll with a morning cup of coffee.


Paver paths can open up to hidden patios creating outdoor rooms defined by their flora...maybe create your own tropical hideaway?

Chesapeake Pearl Oversize Tumbled Entrance

Chesapeake Pearl Wall

The Welcome Center shows how well Pine Hall Brick's white brick favorite, Chesapeake Pearl, pairs with Rumbled Cocoa pavers. Garden walls are another way to enhance your own botanical space, adding privacy and beauty. This is most of often a professional undertaking. Here's a story on what's involved in building a garden wall.

Garden landscaping can be a do-it-yourself endeavor. Your Pine Hall Brick supplier can help. What would you like create for your home outdoors? Use this form to tell us about your plans and ask any questions about DIY paver projects or get the name of installers in your area. Look for more photos from this story on our Pinterest page.

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