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Five tactics for your landscaping business

The gradual clearing of ice and snow in much of the country is a strong reminder that spring is on the way and with it, the time when a landscaping business will be the busiest.

The National Association of Landscape Professionals came up with five tactics on how companies can set and reach goals this year. We came up with one additional suggestion…more on that in a minute.

Paver pathways

Landscapers laying a network or paver pathways at an historic home in Statesville, NC.

To paraphrase the Association, here are the five tactics:

1) Set realistic goals.

Getting to $1 million in revenue isn’t likely to happen in a single growing season. It’s better to set intermediate steps. Start with a goal  on the order of 2 percent to 5 percent.

Also consider adding a new service as your goal. This translates into more customers and more revenue.

2) Act, don’t talk.

It’s good to attend industry meetings and seminars where you hear speakers who can tell you how to better run your business. But too often, the Association says, those suggestions are written down and then stuck in a desk drawer as you get back to work and start putting out the fires. Instead, commit to implementing one thing you learn from each book you have read or session you have attended and put it into practice. Why not come up with a step-by-step method to simplify your goal so that it’s possible. Goals don’t have to be large. “Little changes can make large impacts on your overall business,” the Association says.

Converted patio house by landscaping business

This former carriage house garage was converted into an open-air entertainment room. Note the pavers continue inside! …along with TV and complete kitchen.

3)Believe in yourself.

Maybe your list of goals is so long that you feel exhausted and don’t know where to begin. Or maybe you’ve tried before and failed. If you’re not careful a a nagging doubt sets in and you end up doing little to nothing. However, the Association points out that past failure doesn’t dictate your future. Try again, but this time with a process in place.

4) Don’t wait for motivation.

Motivation is only temporary and will only help you get started some days, while on others, it won’t come around. The Association says that discipline and commitment to the process are the things that really help you accomplish your goals. Quoting psychological research, it takes an average of 66 days to change behavior. “You have to put the time in to achieve any goal,” the Association says. “Some days will be smooth and some days will be more challenging.  That’s what makes reaching your goal so rewarding in the end. You conquered the ups and downs and triumphed.”

landscaping business installs paver pathway network

A fresh paver pathway now leads guests to an historic home’s older brick steps.

5) Start.

Try treating every day separately and do one thing each day toward achieving your goal. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect, but celebrate the victories that you do experience. The Association, quoting Julie Christopher, CEO of Biztuition, says the act of celebration will “train your subconscious brain to program you for continued success. Your one new daily habit…will become a consistent part of your life, like brushing your teeth. The reason you are an entrepreneur is that you are far from average.” Entrepreneurs are used to taking educated risks. She adds: “You rise up daily, make life-changing decisions and you hopefully perform better every day by overcoming challenges and solving problems. You can do this.”

Full pavers, brick and thin pavers come together in carriage house makeover

From the patio into the patio house. Pretty neat!

And now the suggestion.

The first tactic mentions adding a new service to your landscaping business. If you already offer clay paver patios installation consider adding retaining walls, seatwalls, barbecues, outdoor rooms and driveways. There are a couple of ways you can go: you can either learn the business yourself or you can partner with a reputable masonry installer.

Either way, expanding further into hardscaping means that you can tap into broader demand.

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