English Edge outdoor classroom

Math students receive English Edge Education

English Edge pavers were recently donated to create an outdoor classroom at STEM school in Concord, NC. (Photo credits: Carolina Green Industry Network.)

Gone are the days when classrooms were always orderly rows of desks, facing a blackboard and a teacher.

 These days, students sometimes find themselves in class but outdoors.

STEM students enjoy English Edge pavers

Class begins in outdoor room.

When school started this fall, students at Coltrane-Webb STEM Elementary School found a new outdoor classroom, a circular courtyard to use as an outdoor learning space. And instead of industrial strength commercial vinyl tile on the floor, freshly waxed during the summer, they walked across English Edge red clay pavers that were donated by Pine Hall Brick Company. Read the local news story here.

The work was carried out by the Carolina Green Industry Network, a local professional association of landscape design, installation and maintenance companies serving the Greater Charlotte, NC, region. 

Eight companies that are members of the network came out to the school this summer to build a circular courtyard with a seating wall, which is valued at $25,000. Read more about the project details here.

The work was an effort to help the school, while at the same time, to learn skills related to building hardscape structures.

 The members who came out to work on the project were Ambiance Garden Design, Carolina Greenscapes of Matthews, Hoaglandscapes, Nicholas Tropeano Landscape Architecture, Smith Grounds Management, STI Turfcare Equipment, The Morgan Landscape Group, Inc. and TopTurf.  The Union County Extension Service also participated.

English Edge pavers were just one of donated products

Supplies and materials were donated by Nicholas Tropeano Landscape Architecture, Site One Landscape Supply, STI Turfcare Equipment, Carolina Greenscapes of Matthews, Pine Hall Brick Company, Carolina Brick, Ewing Irrigation & Landscaping Supply, Pavestone Company, Top Turf and Debbie Dillon.

final touches of English Edge project

Putting the final touches on English Edge installation.

English Edge pavers get final adjustments

Volunteers finish up paver installation.

At the school itself, one teacher thanked those who participated, remarking that every inch of the campus is used for learning–and adding the outdoor classroom is a real treasure. 

We can believe the efforts that have been put in, which have been recognized statewide. Read the school’s thanks online, here.

The school specializes in STEM education, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. It’s been recognized as a NC STEM School of Distinction at the Model Level, which is North Carolina’s highest rating for STEM schools. Its vision is to prepare every student for success through STEM education; its mission is to foster each student’s innate curiosity and joy of discovery. The school aims to prepare students to be academically successful, socially aware, scientifically literate and respectful, responsible citizens. 

And Coltrane-Webb even brands itself as a STEM school in a somewhat subliminal way. Its mascot is a cougar, but this cougar is far from fierce. Instead, he’s got a smile on his face, dressed in a lab coat and holding a beaker.

 Here’s hoping that each one of these students is successful in the future. Please know that we were all happy to help.

Our Mission
The Mission of Coltrane-Webb STEM Elementary School is to foster each student’s innate curiousity and joy of discovery.  We will prepare students to be academically successful, socially aware, scientifically literate, and respectful, responsible citizens in the global community.  We will achieve this by combining student-centered, collaborative and problem-based learning with active parental and community involvement.

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