diy patio in the making

DIY patio — it starts at Paver Days

It’s DIY patio time! Paver Days coming to two more locations:

Fairmount, Saturday, April 21, 8 am – 12 pm
Winston-Salem, Saturday, April 28, 8 am – 12 pm

diy patio paver selection

Pine Hall Brick’s Walt Steele guides paver buyers through the brickyard sale selection.

Paver Days are our annual brick yard sales events with deep discounts on selected pavers and in depth installation demonstrations. They’re also a lot of fun. Paver Days draws enthusiastic paver fans from 50-100 miles away.

Paver Days paver selection

Harold Beaty assists Darlene Hartwig with her order.

Our 2018 event at our Madison, NC plant was a little rainy, but we still saw a record day for paver sales. Homeowners came from as far away as Richmond, Virginia to load up their trucks and trailers with full cubes and partial cubes of pavers selected right of the lot.

diy patio pavers being wrapped

Harold Beaty prepares a paver cube for the road.

Darlene Hartwig was back for her fourth Paver Days event. Wheeling in in a Chevy Suburban with a trailer, the petite grandmother from Meadows, NC came for another installment of pavers to add to an ever-expanding patio outside the cabin she and her husband built in the 1970s. Hart says she enjoys installing the brick and gets to share it with her grandchildren.

Hartwig consulted with Pine Hall Brick’s paver installation expert, Harold Beaty. Beaty helped her find the perfect order and oversaw the careful loading of Hart’s experienced trailer.

DIY patio materials

Darlene Hartwig is happy with her finds. She loaded her trailer to take back to a log cabin she built with her husband.

tour of paver plant

In our Madison, NC and Fairmount, GA locations, free plant tours are part of Paver Days. You can see your next cube of pavers being made!

You might be surprised how excited people can get about clay paver brick. And that’s what you’ll see at Paver Days…Like best friends Pam Drews and Terry Moore from nearby Stoneville and Eden. Drews has been a regular at Paver Days and this year she invited Moore to come along and get her own patio started. Drews walked Moore through the process of finding the right pavers, pulling that sales ticked and purchasing the order in office. Their husbands came along, too.

diy patio buddies

Pam Drews (second from left) got her best friend, Terry Moore (first from left) excited about installing her own patio. Their husbands came to help.

Marty Drews has plans for their new pavers that include a patio around a swimming pool. He described a drainage system he designed under the pavers and likes the property tax advantages of pavers versus wooden decks.

Johnsie and Doyle Hayes brought their small pick-up in twice to pick up a two loads so they can enhance their home outdoors in Reidsville, NC.


Even if you’re just thinking about what you can do in your backyard, you’ll enjoy the atmosphere at Paver Days. You can get inspired by other DIYers and enjoy a snack while you watch a demo.

diy patio pavers load easily

Doyle (left) and Johnsie Hayes plan a beautiful patio for their home in Reidsville.


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