Check out this patio house!

Homeowner Len White expanded his living and entertainment space outdoors with brick beautifully matched to his 1928 Greensboro home. The home already had an expansive patio under a leafy canopy. Working with Pine Hall Brick, Smith Masonry was able to match up the existing patio pavers with complementary new brick.

The property also featured a brick carriage house, previously converted to guest quarters. White, working with designer Donald Dragoo, created a whole new concept in indoor-outdoor living: the patio house. It’s designed with a large bar area on the front, facing the driveway and on the side facing the patio, there’s a tall arched doorway with keystone. So the whole effect is very open and airy.

“I intended it to be an outside grill area,” says White. “And you couldn’t have sheet rock because it was going to be open to elements and we weren’t sure what to do on the wall where we placed the grill. Terry Smith (Smith Masonry) came up with brick veneer.”

Pine Hall Brick makes half clad face brick that are perfect for interior walls, so for semi-outdoor kitchen like this, they were a perfect choice. Similarly Pine Hall Brick half clad pavers (photo above) gave White a durable outdoor patio floor, with a civilized interior look. (By the way, half clad pavers work great indoors, too.) Matched up with cottage style wood siding and some cozy nice casual furniture combinations, the patio house is the kind of space that will keep you outside all summer and maybe year-round.

A large wood-burning brick fireplace can warm up the entire space. A ceiling fan can keep it cool on an August night. And any time of the year, there’s a wall-mounted TV for sporting events or movie nights.

As originally planned, there’s a fully appointed grilling area that rivals some indoor kitchens. The open bar side has concealed overhead doors that can come down in harsh weather, but this is a space for people who like open spaces.

With the patio house, Len White’s backyard environment is bound to be a popular entertainment spot in the old Greensboro neighborhood. And the beauty of it is how it all looks like its part of the original home, thanks to brick.

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