Paver Tiles by Pine Hall Brick

Install an interior brick floor with our new Paver Tiles

Our new Paver Tiles allow you to have a true brick floor in just about any room in your home.

Homeowners sometimes use full sized and thin pavers for interior applications, but their size can be a challenge because they raise the floor surface by one to two inches. Now an interior brick floor is as easy as linoleum, ceramic tiles or vinyl tiles using Pine Hall Brick Paver Tiles.

Paver Tiles are half-inch thick slices of full sized pavers that install on standard underlayment like 1/4" or 1/2" plywood using mortar or tile grout. Once installed, the brick floor is super is super durable. With any number of easy-to-find sealants, you can have an easy-to-clean floor surface for any room,  including kitchens and baths.

Pine Hall Brick Paver Tiles for interior brick floors

Since Paver Tiles are cut from our standard pavers, you order any style or color from our product catalog for an expansive palette and plenty of design latitude.

Installation can be a do-it-yourself project with just a few tools and materials. Basically, you install underlayment over the existing subfloor, spread ceramic mastic with a flooring trowel and lay the paver tiles with a half-inch space between them.

installation of paver tiles

Cutting the tiles is easy with a brick cutter you can rent. Then, come back with a standard mortar trowel and apply mortar or grout between the tiles.

Installation of Paver Tiles

Sealant is an option, but highly recommended for kitchens and baths or any floor you may want to mop. Your new brick floor will stand up to any household traffic and look great for years and  years.

Paver Tiles installed in entranceway

Using rumbled Paver Tiles (as in these photos), you can achieve a rustic, aged brick look. With other styles you can get precise crisp lines.

Covering an entranceway is an easy weekend project. Or, tell your flooring installer that you want Paver Tiles. Send them a link to this story!


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