Expect to see lots of bikes, kids, potlucks and cook-outs in Trosper Place, a new brick neighborhood in Greensboro, NC, over the next few months as the new brick neighborhood nears completion. New brick patio homes under construction Like many neighborhoods, Trosper Place features brick...

North Carolina Plant


Plymouth Tumbled Modular Paver, is a true tumbled modular clay paver. Full Range with a hint of white and black paint.  The dimensions are 3-5/8” by 7-5/8” by 2 1/4” thick for laying with 3/8” mortar joints, but also can also be laid dry with sand joints in a running bond or chevron patterns.

The paver complies with ASTM C902, Class SX, Type I, Application PA and ASTM C67 for Freeze-Thaw.

Test Report - Modular 2.25" Paver Product Spec Paver FAQ