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Now Available in Red Flashed Wirecut

Kerb-Edge has a versatile design that allows it to be used horizontally or vertically. The shape can be used as a curb edging for your pavers that drops down to a mow strip, or as a landscape border that lips up to the landscape material from the pavers.

Kerb-Edge was featured on PBS's Hometime.

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More than any other feature, special shape brick add "curb appeal" to any project. Special shapes will turn your design into a work of art! Some shapes are kept in stock. Others may be ordered from this catalog or specially designed and made to your specifications.

Catalog Shapes - Non-stock items
There are a wide variety of shapes that are featured in this catalog but not produced as a stock item. The normal lead-time on catalog shapes is 6 weeks.

Custom Shapes - Customized by design
These are shapes created from imagination or classic forms that are not detailed in this catalog. We encourage this kind of creativity but require detailed drawings approved before proceeding with production.

Custom orders will be priced on an individual basis. After order has been placed - lead- time is 10 to 12 weeks.

Order Guidelines
On standard production shapes - specify dimensions, color and firm order quantity.

Custom shapes require full-scale approved drawings. All custom shapes will be quoted on an individual basis.

A minimum order amount of $150 per order applies to all non-standard production shapes. This applies to re-orders and "add-on" orders after original orders have been placed.

Shapes orders may not be canceled or altered after production has begun.

Shapes orders will be shipped complete all at once as ordered.

Color and texture of all shapes may vary slightly from the pavers.

Shapes will be cored or solid at Pine Hall's option unless otherwise specified.

Shapes Guarantee
All standard production shapes can be packaged for pickup within one to two days from the receipt of your. Order. If standard production shape items are not in stock and you need them, Pine Hall's commitment is to make them available for pickup within fourteen working days from the receipt of your order or the shapes will be half price. No one in the industry makes such an offer except…Pine Hall Brick - America's Premier Paver.

Estimating Hints
S-ST-1 shapes = 3 per linear foot
S-WT-4 watertables = 1.5 per linear foot
S-ST-5 shapes = 4.5 per linear foot for modular
All stretcher watertables = 1.5 per linear foot
Rowlock coping = 4.5 per linear foot for modular
Note: Remember to specify "end" when ordering wall coping ends.