America's Premier Paver
All Pine Hall Brick Clay Pavers

• permanent color – vitrified @ 2000°
• stronger than concrete – 12,178 psi*
• low water absorption – 5.19%*
• passes freeze/thaw test in salt solution
• consistent size exceed PX except Rumbled®
• no sealers required
• exceed all ASTM standards for durability
• largest clay paver company in USA
• See product specifications and performance
* Independent Laboratory Test on English Edge® Paver in 2000

StormPave and RainPave Permeable Pavers
• Perfect where impervious surface restrictions exist or where onsite retention/infiltration is mandated
• High infiltration rate when installed in a "best practice" permeable pavement system: Post-construction tests at University of Penn reveal infiltration rate of 720"/hour (8.5% surface void)
• May help qualify for LEED Credit 6 Sustainable Site - Stormwater Design
• Available in 2 1/4" and 2 3/4" thickness
• Red and Full Range in stock - call for other colors

English Edge® and Georgian Edge
• the ultimate interlocking paver for sand setting bed applications
• spacer nibs provide consistent joints and eliminate long term edge chippage
• beveled edges highlight pattern - on both bed surfaces allow for reversibility
• available in many colors. Madison: Red, Full Range (Red Flash), Autumn, Rose, Ironspot, Cocoa, Buff & Dark Accent. Georgia: Full Range (Red Flash), Red and Mahogany
• heavy vehicular street paver available - 2 3/4"
Rumbled® Pavers Madison & Georgia Courtyard Rumbled®
• tumbled after firing to create old world charm creates rounded edges and irregularities
• available in many colors. Madison: Red, Full Range (Red Flash), Ironspot, Rose FR and Main St. Georgia: Full Range (Red Flash) Mahogany, Siesta and Main Street
• RainPave permeable pavers also available in Rumbled® colors (stock Red and Full Rrange)
CityCobble Series
? two sizes-5 1/3" square and 5 1/3" x 8" rectangles for cobblestone look
? available colors: Mahogany and Siesta

The “Old” Series
• made to look antique but offers durability of modern manufacturing
• rough edges and permanent ceramic slurries provide antique appearance
• available in many colors: Old Towne, Old Tavern, Old South, Old Mill and Old Mocha

Traditional Edge & Courtyard Series
• square edges for traditional look
• available sizes for sand bedding (4" x 8")
• available sizes for mortared (3 5/8" x 7 5/8")
• 2 1/4" thick pavers available in many colors: Pathway Red, Full Range (Red Flash) and Cocoa. Georgia: Courtyard Full Range (red flash), Red, Mahogany and Java
• Traditional Thin 1 3/8" thick pavers available Madison: Brookstown, Harbourtown, Carytown
Gardenwalk Series
• square edge pavers produced at Ga. facility
• available in 1.8 " thickness x 4" x 8"
• Colors: Red, Mahogany and Siesta
• See product specifications