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Cost Estimates for Paving Projects

Taken from RS Means CostWorks 2012

Location Installed Cost
Per Square Foot
National Average $11.72
Atlanta, GA $11.02
Charlotte, NC $10.92
Chicago, IL $11.65
Columbia, SC $10.74
Columbus, OH $11.46
Dallas, TX $11.23
Grand Rapids, MI $10.40
Indiannapolis, IN $11.04
Los Angeles, CA $12.07
Louisville, KY $9.93
Newark, NJ $12.99
Portland, ME $10.95
Richmond, VA $11.57
Tampa, FL $11.81
Washington DC $11.81
This quote is a cost per square foot of an installed project with a 4” crushed gravel base compacted to 95% and a 1" sand bed using 2 1/4" pavers with a vertical brick edging for containment. Estimate does not include excavation if needed. Estimates are based on union wages.

Note: This is an estimated cost from RS Means CostWorks 20012 estimating software. To get a more accurate estimate in your local area, contact a clay paver distributor at your location. Go to and look under Distributor Locator or call us at 1-800-952-7425.