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The quality of an installation is in the details. The patterns, materials and engineering are all essential to bringing a design from paper to reality.

The information in this section is presented to aid the designer in learning about brick paving and in the design of these pavements. The information, categorized above, represents a compilation of independent sources as well as from our many years of experience.

This information is typical of industry standards but may not apply universally to every project. Some information is derived from specific project situations and is presented as an example of how one designer addressed a particular situation. Details and project specifications will need to be altered by the designer to fit individual site conditions. While we offer this information as a convenience to the designer, we suggest you use these sources as tools to learn about the many elements of pavement design as they relate to your project. Of course, final decisions on the use of these information resources and elements within rests with the project owner, designer(s), or both.

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