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We frequently run across other paving related products that are essential to a quality installation. The products highlighted here are used frequently on installations in the field and can be located by clicking on the general category above.

While we offer this information as a convenience to the designer, we suggest you use these links to take you to the product’s web site and learn first hand from the manufacturer the benefits and applications of these products for you project. Of course, final decisions on the use of these products rests with the project owner, designer, or both.

Edge Restraints
Joint Sand Stabilizer
Cleaning Products
Structural Soil
Product Tools

Edge Restraints
Proper edge restraint is essential to a long lasting and durable sand-set paving system. Edge restraints provide horizontal interlock and surprisingly can be often undervalued as an element of the installation process. The edge restraints listed below are manufactured edge restraints with wide distribution around the country.
  • The worlds most used and specified paver edge restraint
  • Available in RIGID, FLEX, and INDUSTRIAL
  • Triangular reinforced shape for structural support.
  • Frost heave/sand retention lip integrates PAVE EDGE to system
  • Totally invisible when in place; will not rust, warp or deteriorate.
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  • Strength of Galvanized Steel
  • Hidden Installation
  • Easily Forms Straights and Curves
  • Reversible
  • Not Brittle When Cold / Does Not Warp When Hot

  • Engineered for a strong, easy to install edge restraint
  • Single piece used for both straight run or radius curves
  • Tongue and groove connection speeds installation
  • "Snip and Flex" feature speeds radius installations
  • Full depth backfill promotes turf growth next to pavement

Joint Sand Stabilizer
Joint sand stabilizers adhere sand grains to each other, locking the sand in the joints. Sand loss in a sand setting system compromises interlock and can be caused by a number of factors including poor sand, poor drainage, aggressive maintenance and tire suction. Sand loss in vehicular applications can be particularly devastating.
Adhesives    Sealants    Caulks

Cleaning Products
Clay pavers require little maintenance.However, there are situations where a special cleaner may be needed to remove a stain blemish from the paver surface. In these cases, we recommend the use of professional masonry cleaners, only in order to avoid potential side effects that may cause further staining or damage. For this reason, we do not recommend muriatic acid. Also, due to varying and unknown acid contents. While most acid base cleaners are safe for properly fired red body clay pavers,special cleaners with controlled acid contents must be used if cleaning lighter colored or chocolate colored clay pavers.

There are 2 chemical companies that we deal with regularly:

EaCoChem offers a full line of cleaning products that include Ef-fortless and NMD 80.NMD 80 works on a wide range of staining issues, including polymeric sand stains and efflorescence control (typically from deicing).

Prosoco has a number of new masonry cleaners, restoration cleaners and specialty cleaners as well as water repellants and moisture barriers for masonry materials.


Structural Soil
Structural soil is an air-entrained mixture of quality aggregate and "soil" formulated to support various pavement types while allowing voids for air exchange, water movement, organic matter, and root growth.

Currently, urban trees are planted directly into existing urban soils, tree pits with root barriers or expensive bridged pavement. The soil under pavement in areas adjacent to tree plantings is an important potential source of additional root space. Structural soil installed under paving allows tree roots to grow into the mix as they mature without causing pavement failure.

To provide the physical properties vital for root growth, four factors are very important when designing a lightweight structural soil mix:

High Load Carrying Capacity: The aggregate particles must touch so the load is transferred mainly from particle to particle.

Long Term Stability: The lightweight aggregate must have sufficient strength to withstand standard compaction while also providing additional aeration and water retention capabilities.

Optimum Ratios: The voids between particles must be filled through the proper mixing of materials so to be relatively free of any compactive stress. The filler material, if properly formulated, will control the moisture and aeration properties of the mix, and provide the media into which the roots will eventually grow.

Proven Quality and Technology: The mix, when properly tested, installed and compacted will meet the specified requirements to avoid failure.
STALITE MATRIX™ Structural Soil
  • High compressive strength
  • Water and nutrient retention; High water release curves
  • Cation-exchange-capacity of 25 to 30 me/100g
  • Lightweight, easy to work with and easy to mix
  • Contains voids for additional surface area for fine feeder roots
  • Additional air space available if soil proportion shifts

Geo-textiles are occasionally necessary in segmental paving applications to stabilize poor soils, to facilitate drainage or to prevent bedding sand loss in certain situations.
  • Wide range of woven and non-woven geotextiles.
  • Excellent properties for separation and reinforcement.
  • World-wide distribution.
  • Cost-effective solutions for base and sub-grade stabilization.
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Product Tools

Learning about the tools of the trade can be helpful for the designer to understand and advise clients on more efficient methods of installation. For example, a paver extraction tool should be a must for every maintenance department particularly for those projects featuring engraved pavers. For information on our engraved pavers, see Personal Brick.

  • The World's Finest Material Handling Solutions
  • The Professionals choice for paver installation tools and equipment
  • Mechanical clamps and handling equipment
  • Paver extractors and much more
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  • Preserve and Protect Your Hardscape Investment
  • Sealers for Clay Pavers
  • Efflorescence Cleaners, Degreasers and Stain Removers
  • Adhesives for Pavers and Retaining Walls
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